Become a Fully Authorised Universal Healing Tao QiGong and Daoist Meditation Instructor
6 Day Associate Instructor Training Week in Belgium Friday July 12th to 4pm Thursday July 18th 2016
Lotushuis, Westerlo, Belgium
with Luc Leyten and Barry Spendlove


more information here on Luc's site

Teach 2 Learn

This is an intensive 50+ hour Associate Instructor Training Retreat,
it is an initiation pnto the five elements within us,
focussing on sensitivity, depth and effortless power.
We cover all the fundamental material and different methods of teaching.

* microcosmic orbit * inner smile * six healing sounds *
* counterforce breathing * iron shirt structure and rooting *
* simple chi kung * chi self massage * transmission *teaching aids *
* passing enerhy to open the microcosmic orbit *
* setting up workshop spac energetics * planning workshops *

We learn to express our movement, our voice, our life
and our teaching from the core of our being.