Inner Sexual Alchemy
- Lesser Kan & Li
over the Summer Solstice and New Moon

Tuesday July 29th 6pm to Sunday August 4th 3pm

£525 includes food and accommodation
Reduced to £495  if paid in full by May 19th

Tao Centre Colwyn and the beautiful countryside of North Wales





Natural Dao, 7 Miners Lane, Old Colwyn, N.Wales, LL29 9HG, UK.
01492 515776, 07747 051311



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a journey into life & nature, using authentic movement
a shamanic approach tointernal alchemy with barry spendlove

This transformastional water and fire meditation formula is core Taoist Alchemy.
We gather the Five Shen, polar male-female "body intelligences" that control our mind.
Their lovemaking in our central channel releases a blissful steam of Original Chi (unconditional love)
that dissolves our old physical body and personality.

This steaming process creates the third force - neutral yuan qi - and preserves vital organ, gland, spine, nerve,
lymph and meridian systems and births an immortal embryo or Light Body.
This formula can resolve deep sexual crises, genetic illness, body-mind splits, and recover "lost" soul fragments.

We will utilise the elements of nature to enhance our inner practice

The Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li (Water & Fire)
is the second formula of One Clouds 7 levels of Daoist Alchemy.
In the first formula we learn how to manage our energy body
by utilising the Microcosmic Orbit to work with the yin-yang basic polarity of the body
and the 6 Healing Sounds and Inner Smile
to work with the organs, their intelligences and the 5 phases of the life force. 
The first formula also includes Fusion of the Five Elements,
in which we we invite our five intelligences to work together as a team.
Our earth intelligence is invited to move out of the creative cycle into the centre,
to embody its virtues of peace harmony and trust in between our polarities of fire/water and water metal.
We use this matrix to disolve emotional patterns and trauma creating a neutral pearl which develops
into a vibrant virtuous pearl that we use to open up our 8 extraordinary meridians.

In the second formula we reduce the 5 elements to 3;
fire and wood combining to become a very intense rising and expanding Fire,
water and metal combine to form an equally intense, sinking and contracting Water.
We couple the Fire & Water in an internal lovemaking
that creates steam.
Yin yang creating yuan the neutral third force. We are coupling the male and female
aspects of our
consciousness with the intention of resolving our polarised sexual identity and become spiritually pregnant.

We disolve our outer habitual self and birth our immortal embryo from our original essence.
We literally impregnate ourself with the seed of our original self.


The week includes a series of meditations and qigong with which we will make our adventurous journey,
gradually moving step by step in an embodied way.
We experience the sensations within, as our spirit body descends into our physical body
rather than our physical ascending into spirit.
What fun.






Natural Dao, 7 Miners Lane, Old Colwyn, N.Wales, LL29 9HG, UK.
01492 515776, 07747 051311



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